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Course Categories Archives: Business and Management

Level 1 Introduction to Business Management

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The Level 1 Introduction to Business Management course offers the basic skills any trainee or junior manager must master to be successful in their position. The qualification is ideal for you to develop your management skills or understanding of a manager’s role, and successful completion will lead to a more positive and profitable working environment. […]

Level 2 Preparing For Employment and Employability Skills

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Employers today are looking beyond academic attainment and many now expect to see evidence of other skills and achievements that boost someone’s attractiveness as a potential employee. This qualification prepares candidates for the world of work and covers a broad range of soft skills and abilities which are of value in the workplace.   Course […]

Level 2 Consulting and Hairdressing

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This qualification gives you real opportunity to stand out as a professional with a broad range consulting and hairdressing skills. This certificate will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills required to assist technical staff in hairdressing. The purpose of this qualification is to develop a high level of occupational ability and provide a […]

Level 2 Customer Service in Organizations

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The Level 2 in Customer Service in Organisations course is for candidates who undertake a customer service role and recognise that employment in the customer service sector involves a diverse range of functions, tasks and activities that are constantly developing and changing. You are looking to improve your own skills and become more involved in […]