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Basic Food Hygiene


The Basic Food Hygiene course will provide instruction required by all staff that may handle or serve food as part of their work activities. This course meets the needs of staff whose job role does not include the preparation of open high-risk food. This level of instruction is legally required by all staff that are required to handle food within one month of starting work. Training will cover how bad practices and poor personal hygiene may lead to food poisoning outbreaks and highlights the responsibilities of all staff in ensuring the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times.


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The effects of food poisoning in human, business and legal terms
Food Hygiene legislation
Physical, chemical and microbiological contamination
Disease causing organisms
Personal health and hygiene and the need for high standards.
The importance of hand washing
Reporting illness and the rules on smoking
Cross contamination, sources , vehicles, routes and prevention
Food storage-protection and temperature control
Waste disposal, cleaning and disinfection.
Pest control
Relevant monitoring of control points of a Hazard Analysis System
Taking corrective action when things go wrong
Recording daily routines and remedial action


Entry Requirements: None


Course Duration: 3 Hours


Fees: £25


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