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Level 2 Health and Social Care


The qualification helps you to improve your Health and Social Care skills so that you become more effective and efficient at work. At the Level 2, you are able to demonstrate that you have reached a recognized national standard in social care which indicates your competence; you will develop a clear understanding of your specific role and responsibilities and you’ll be shown how you can help to create a safe, healthy environment for yourself and those you care for. You will be assessed in the workplace to show competence in both theory and practical.


Course Content:


Understanding your role and responsibilities, principle of care and ranges of workplace regulations within health and social care.
Contribute to health and safety in the workplace
Understand safer peoples handling practice
Understand how to handle or serve food at workplace
Understand the principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care
Understanding how to respond to emergency at work place
Gain knowledge of what dementia is, form of dementia and impact on the people with dementia.


Course Duration: flexible

Fees: £350.00

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