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Moving and Handling of People


Training covers current and relevant legislation; anatomy and risk assessment; safe handling, moving and dangerous techniques, sling and hoist instructions, safe handling of falling and fallen client; knowledge of and skills to use appropriate selection of equipments, importance of communication, assisted sitting, standing and walking, bed techniques, lateral transfers and teaming handling.


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Relevant Legislation
Company’s policy on moving and handling
Anatomy and Physiology of the spine
Moving and Handling Related Injuries
Risk Assessment (Practical group work)
Safe Handling of inanimate loads (practical)
Theory of moving and handling people
Unsafe techniques (awareness of litigation if used)
Importance of communication
Assisted sitting, standing and walking
Bed techniques
The fallen/falling person
Lateral transfers and team handling


Course Duration: 6 Hours
Refresher: 3 Hours
Fees: £55

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