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services1We cater for the needs and requirements of service users with physical disabilities, dementia, mental health difficulties and or challenging behavior, sensory impairments, eating disorders, and learning difficulties. This includes caring for service users in care homes or living independently in their own home.

Duties include shopping, collecting prescriptions, preparing meals and ensuring the cleanliness of laundry. It is expected that the service user does not require assistance with toileting or any other personal and associated medical help. The carer can also act as a companion providing company, making appointments, reading to or helping deal with correspondence.

This service is more suitable for the less mobile service user. The carer will undertake bathing, dressing or preparing for bed and toileting duties. The carer is competent in all aspects of moving and handling the service user (especially suitable for those bedridden or with a debilitating medical condition). The carer can also undertake other duties such as washing up, light cleaning and ensuring that the service user is comfortable and secure before leaving.

The carer will sleep over in the service user’s home and respond to emergencies. Assistance will be provided to get the service user ready and into bed at night and to assist with morning routines.

The carer is awake all through the night for the service user who may require constant care or observation and is possibly not able to request help for themselves. This service provides assistance and ensures the comfort, safety and well being of the service user.

We can arrange short or long-term relief for a service user’s regular carers, i.e. relatives and friends. It could be that they would like an evening out, weekend break or holiday cover. Whatever the reason, they can relax in the knowledge that the service user is in safe, reliable hands and can stay at home with advanced Carers help and support.

You will remain within the comfort of your own home with an experienced and dedicated care staff who will ensure that you receive one to one individual tailored care at all times doing the day and night according to your wishes.

We provide an escort service to accompany service users to appointments, on social occasions or holidays (with relevant notice).

Plus Resources is a Recruitment and Training company with vast experience within the Recruitment and Healthcare sector. We understand that providing a first class service is the most important thing so we can help you do that and save your company money at the same time.

We cater for the needs and requirement of service users with physical, disabilities, dementia, mental health difficulties and or challenging behavior, sensory impairments, eating disorder, and learning difficulties. These include service users in the care home or living in their own home.

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